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Every year, there are over a thousand reported tree-related incidents in the country. While some may be minor accidents, some are unfortunately fatal. Not surprisingly, tree felling and removal are the major causes. This is where we, tree care professionals, come in. We wouldn't want you to hurt yourself or others, working on a dangerous job on your own. Let us help you. We have been cutting down trees safely and efficiently for several years now, and we would like to extend our services on to you. Call us now and get your free estimate.

Why hire Albuquerque Tree Removal?

Our team is highly skilled and dedicated to helping our clients. we have a hardworking staff that can handle any tree care services imaginable, no matter the size and difficulty. With the experience and training we have had for years, we can guarantee you satisfying results. Moreover, we are equipped with the most advanced tools and machinery to get the job done efficiently.

What to Consider When Cutting Down a Tree?

Cutting down trees is one of the riskiest jobs in the country. In under no circumstance should you cut down your trees without consulting an arborist first. There are many important factors that you need to consider. Professional tree services aren't just all about business, but more on taking care of the environment and keeping the community safe.

Health Risks

Considering that an average tree weighs so much more than us, a falling tree can cause serious damage. The direction of their fall can even be unpredictable, making the job one of the most dangerous professions in the country.

Time, Effort and Equipment

Tree felling is a time-consuming and tedious job. However, this depends on the number of trees and the size of the tree. You may spend more time cutting down your trees if you do not have the necessary equipment. Professionals have the equipment. So, they are ready to do this job. Plus, they have experience and skills. So, they can easily cut down any tree. They take a short time to cut down trees.

Tree Services

Contrary to some beliefs, professional tree service does not only mean cutting trees. We offer so much more, such as tree fertilization, mulching, wood chipping, firewood chopping, branch removal, tree injections, and a lot more others.

Health Condition of the Tree

One of the main differences between an inexperienced individual and a tree expert is accurately identifying a tree's structural condition. From here, we can acknowledge the potential dangers that we try to avoid.

Foliage, Hauling Branches and other Debris

Once the job is done, you will be left with all kinds of tree debris. Without the necessary tools and equipment, it wouldn't be an easy task. We can turn these debris into something useful, such as firewood or mulch. If you simply don't want to deal with them, we can just haul them off your property.

Will it Affect the Masses?

Cutting down some trees can be illegal in some areas. Before you decide cutting down a tree by yourself, consult with your local government. Tree felling, especially in urban areas has the potential to cause property damages not only to your own but to others as well.


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