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You might have noticed that trees tend to grow in unusual ways and in odd shapes. In some of these instances, the structural support the tree provides might not be enough. This, in turn, then poses a threat to anything or anyone passing near the tree. Weakened branches might suddenly come tumbling down and cause injuries and accidents that could be fatal. While getting rid of such a tree is one way to eliminate the problem, it is not a must that you have it taken down. Instead, consider cabling and bracing.

Bracing and cabling serve the same purpose, and that is to provide support to deteriorating and weakened limbs. Under cabling, cables are wired from branch to branch so that they support each other. Under bracing, a brace is installed on splitting limbs to prevent fissures and cracking. If there is a tree near where you live that looks like it is about to fall apart, call Albuquerque Tree Removal, and we will help provide it with the support it needs to continue standing.

Benefits of Cabling and Bracing

Reduced The Chances of Injuries and Accidents

Trees with weak or failing structures are a health hazard as parts can fall off unexpectedly. Bracing and cabling help prevent limbs that have weakened from falling, hence reducing the chances of accidents or injuries caused by their falling.

Restore Structural Integrity and Heal Damages

Just like humans, trees can self-heal over time. With the help of bracing and cabling, crevices and cracks will start to heal, restoring structural integrity to some extent. While this isn’t a permanent fix, it is still a fix.

Cheaper Than Tree Removal

When a tree weakens and becomes a hazard, most people resort to having it removed. However, that should not always be the case. Many factors need to be considered before taking up this option. For a more accurate assessment of the tree’s condition, consult a professional tree services provider. Doing so might save you a few bucks! Tree removal is generally quite expensive simply because it requires the use of heavy equipment and more manpower.

Speeding Up The Rotting Process

Aside from stump removal and stump grinding, there is actually a third process to get rid of stumps, and that is the use of chemicals to speed up the rotting process. Usually, a stump can take 3 to 7 years to fully decompose. With the use of chemicals, it can go from 4 to 6 weeks. The method usually is done when there are too many stumps to remove.

Benefits Of Tree Stump Removal

  • Tree stumps is a safety hazard, especially with kids around. By having it removed, you won’t have to worry about anyone tripping and injuring themselves anymore.
  • Improving aesthetics is always a good idea to increase your property’s value. Aside from that, it is a pleasing sight to look at.
  • Tree stumps can take up significant amount of space and hinders future projects or landscaping from happening. Having it removed will leave you a more spacious area to plan your intentions.
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