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Once you cut your trees or remove tree stumps, do not haul them away. You can turn them into mulch. How? Mulching and wood chipping turn any wood, stumps, trunks, and branches into wood chips, which are used as mulch. Wood chipping is safe and efficient. And it does not cause complications.

What is Wood Chipping?

It is the process of shredding and chopping unused wood into wood chips, which are just small bits of woods. Wood chips are very useful. They can be used as mulch. They are also used to create wood pulp. And they can be used as biomass solid fuel.

Many tree services offer both stump removal or tree removal and wood chipping. Hiring one of these services is cheap. Plus, they can help you reduce waste in your property. We provide wood chipping services. Call us if you need this service. We will come to your property when it is convenient for you.

What is Mulching and Its Benefits?

What is mulching? It is a process of applying wood chips on the surface of the soil to cultivate the soil. Mulching has several benefits. It has been used for several years because it has been proven to make the soil more fertile.

The following are the benefits of mulching.

It is Cheap

Applying good mulching on your vegetation can save you lots of money. Because you will not spend more money herbicides and fertilizers, which are used to keep the vegetation safe and healthy. They are no longer necessary because mulching is effective. Therefore, mulching can save you lots of money.

It Reduces Weed Growth

Apply wood chips properly on the surface. Why? It prevents weeds from growing. Mulching does not leave any room for these weeds. However, some weeds can still grow. But their numbers are usually reduced. It is easy to get rid of the few weeds that come out.

It Provides Insulation

Climate affects both plants and trees. Mulching can help your plants and trees survive the changes in the weather. So, they survive extreme weather such as the cold winter and heatwave during summer.

It Improves Soil Quality

Mulching improves soil quality. How? It provides the necessary nutrients. Therefore, your plants and trees will grow to be strong. And they will be resistance to illnesses and diseases.

It Improves Aesthetics

An arborist and an artist can work together to improve the appearance of a garden bed, plant or tree. In fact, some cities use mulching to improve its aesthetics. They do not spend more money on maintenance. Additionally, improving aesthetics increases the value of the property.

It Prevents Erosion

Wind and rain are the main causes of erosion. Therefore, mulching lessens the impact of rain and wind. This is because the mulch covers the soil.


Some reputable companies sell wood chips. Buy wood chips from these companies if you do not have wood for wood chipping. Albuquerque Tree Removal not only provides mulching service. It also provides wood chips. Additionally, this company uses the best equipment to produce them. And they hire highly-skilled, experienced, and certified arborists to perform mulching. Plus, we have been in this business for over a decade. Call us. We have the skills and we provide the best and affordable mulching service.

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